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Condo Buildings In New York City

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When you are looking for NYC luxury condos, you don't necessarily have to feel limited to high rise condominium units. Those may be the most popularized form of the condo, but condos can come in all shapes and sizes, from townhouses to semi-detached and detached homes.

Now that you know you aren't limited in the style of the condo, it's important to consider your preferences-and how they correspond to the interests of the other owners when it comes to the common elements: parking lots, hallways, amenities, lobbies, landscaped areas, elevators, the land itself, etc.

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Types of Condos in New York City

In a high-rise New York City condo building, the land and all the common areas associated with the building aren't owned by any one person; they are owned in common by all condo owners within the building. It's an important point to take note of because it means control over those areas needs to be decided in common with the desires of other owners.

The high-rise condo suite looks a lot like an apartment building, but it offers much more of a community vibe as a result of those shared common elements. NYC condos offer fitness rooms, party rooms and social rooms, swimming pools, and more; each common element introduces a shared space for a more community lifestyle to exist.

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