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How To Determine The Cause Of A Leaky Basement

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Some older homes and businesses are faced with a basement leak because of the foundation place. There are some things that you will see that will help you determine whether you need to call an emergency pipeline company or not. A slab leak is a common occurrence and because of underground pipes that have been damaged or backed up somewhere along the line.

This pipeline could pipe inflow and outflow that carry water in and out of your business or residence and sewage wastewater pipes burst. You can also hire the professional basement repair company by visiting at

Basement flooding can occur when there has been heavy rain and the foundation walls are made of concrete, water accumulates on the outside and then seeps through the wall leaving moisture or water stains on basement walls and floors. However, a slab leak can occur because the underground pipes have burst and have flooded the basement.

Several things can cause a leaky basement floor like a burst pipe which occurs due to tree root invasion. This is when the tree roots growing under the house, looking for water sources and wrap itself around the pipe. If you find a basement flood and you suspect it is from an underground pipe burst, the first thing you should do is to fill a pot with some water and then turn off your main water supply.

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