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Installations Of Waterproofing Decking And Deck Coating Systems

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The bridge deck overlay coating process offers superior protection and has been tried, tested and proven. Each layer is specially designed to protect bridges from cracking and from the long-term damage caused by the sun. Bridges are important to properly and carefully seal because of hot summers and heavy rains.

Here is a detailed description of the procedure we use when resurfacing your deck. Once a complete inspection of the platform and the surrounding structure is complete, the metal is fixed to the floor slat secondary timber 24 gauge galvanized base 16 staples per square foot.

Then the polymer cover for concrete overpass added in the process. The first layer is polymer-modified concrete. This is evenly distributed through the metal lath creating the ideal base layer for your deck.

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Now oz. fiberglass fabric is applied to the top of the concrete-modified polymer. Fiberglass is cut carefully to make sure it suits around drains, grids, and substations. Bonder 480 is generously applied to dipping the fiberglass and bonding directly on the first layer of concrete polymer modified. This is a crucial step to protect water.

The second layer is also of polymer-modified concrete. Once the bonding agent has dried, another layer of polymer-based concrete is placed to give your double deck strength and flexibility. This extra step is to ensure that your platform does not crack.

Once the second layer polymer-modified concrete is dry, the choice of anti-adhesion finish texture is applied. This texture maintains its grip even in the most foot traffic areas.

The topcoat for decks is 2 specialized paint sealant layers. This is applied over the layer of texture with your choice of 16 different colors.

So this is the process of systematic and detailed installation that will help protect your deck, outdoor floors, walkways, and stairs for the years from different weather conditions.

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