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Latest Aluminum Pipe Bending Techniques

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It is true that bending aluminum can be a tricky task considering that the metal cracks and hardens upon application of excess heat and pressure.

However, with the latest technologies, these shortcomings have been overcome to get the desired bend in aluminum pipes. Here are some of the latest techniques used in the industry:

Rotary Draw Bending:

This technique is the most popular method used to bend pipes. The important factors kept in mind here are the maintenance of constant diameter and a smooth, neat finish.

Here, the pipe is made to draw through a stationary counter with a former die having a fixed radius wrapped by the bending die. You can browse to know more about pipe bending.

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Ram Style Bending:

This technique is the cheapest and simplest method employed to bend aluminum pipes. The section is subject to restrain on two external points and it gets distorted by a ram that advances along the central axis.

The deformation can happen either outwards or inwards and results in the formation of an oval section. The extent of deformation depends on the section thickness. The technique is suitable in works related to electrical conduits and other such light-gauge sections.

Ring Roll Bending:

This method is employed to bend pipes to achieve larger circumferences, hence greater center line radii. The roller used in this process consists of three rolls that are mounted on separate shafts that are made to roll on the section. The roller on top exerts pressure downwards on the roll in order to deform the section.

Mandrel Bending:

This is used in cases where the pipe that is being bent has to be subject to minimal deformation. The section is internally supported with mandrel support that is flexible that can bend with the section, avoiding any interior deformation. The pipe is then made to bend around a former die of a fixed radius.

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