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image of models wearing Australian T-shirt designs

With the right platform, you can easily make your own t-shirt brand filled with custom designs and patterns. You can also make an elaborate line of branded cloths and sell it in your local market in. Who said branded and personalized t-shirts are only for celebrities and large corporations. Thanks to online templates and t-shirt branding platforms, it does not take much effort to get creative with your own ideas. You can personalise the look as much as you want to create unique designs that no one else has. In Australia, finding such platforms should not be a daunting task. However, not all offers you come across will be desirable. It is still important to carefully review each option and determine if they have the capacity to meet your needs. Creating a custom branded t-shirt is basically a three-step process that involves the following;

Get creative and design your own branded t-shirt

You do not need to worry about the print platforms. As aforementioned, there are several online shops that allow you to upload custom designs and styles for printing. All you should focus on is coming up with a unique brand or design. You can navigate different ideas, patterns, images and brand messages to help you come up with something unique and personal. Draw it down or make rough notes about what you want the t-shirt to contain. Once you know what you want, it will be easier to find platforms that can produce it. Some sites offer customisable templates so it shouldn’t be daunting even if you do not know how to draw.

drawing of a t-shirt with design

Find a reliable online platform that prints custom branded t-shirts

The next step is to find a platform that can print your designs on the t-shirt of your choice. The best platforms allow you to choose from different quality brands. They also provide templates that you can customise to add personal touch. More importantly, the platform should allow you to upload raw designs of your own. It is recommendable to compare different platforms and what they offer. Look through client reviews to determine if the business delivers their promises or if it is another plot to scam naive customers. A great platform should have positive user reviews, sleek user-friendly site and numerous offers in terms of t-shirt brands and templates. They should also have exceptional customer service like online live chat and instant messaging features. Make sure there are quality guarantees including money back programs in case what is delivered does not match what was ordered. The t-shirts should also be genuine brands from the manufacturer.

Upload/submit your design and order 

Once you find your platform, the rest is very easy. Simply follow their instructions on how you can upload or customise their templates. Essentially, you will be required to choose a brand t-shirt, provide custom drawing or customised template of your t-shirt, specify how many t-shirts you want and check out the order.You should be able to put anything you want in your design be it text, photos, drawings, patterns, colours or designs. Make sure you review the design and all specifications before you check out your order.  

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The benefits of personalised brand t-shirts

Brand t-shirts always look the same and this can be depressing especially when you go out and look like everyone else. When you go to your favourite brand t-shirt store, all you can get is a uniform with a small brand logo and cliché snarky messages. And what about the acres of blank space! If you have a creative mind, you’ve probably thought of a thousand things to fill up that space and customise your t-shirt. That is exactly what you get when designing online. Any idea is valid when it comes to personalised brand t-shirts. You can integrate several colours, patterns and designs in one t-shirt. It is also cheaper compared to printing one at home and you can order in bulk to attract discounts. Most platforms offer free delivery to your doorsteps so all you need to do is make your own t-shirt brand and wait for that doorbell to ring. 


Everyone loves to create something they can call their own. Unfortunately, there are very few opportunities to satisfy this need. A custom design brand t-shirt offers you the chance to trigger your creative mind and make a unique outfit that reflects your personal style and preference. Simply find a trustworthy platform and begin designing your t-shirts just how you want them to be.

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