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Wild Animal Costumes For a Roaring Success

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When it comes to choosing a costume party theme there is plenty of choice around the overall theme of animals. The most popular will be a safari or jungle theme that will allow your guests to be really creative.

It also allows those who are less comfortable in full animal costumes to dress more modest in khaki don their safari hats and become a good hunter or explorer.

If the party should be outdoors then this theme can be done through the external decoration scheme with perhaps a couple of parrots in trees and some exotic leaf or palm crowd. You can buy animal costumes through

If you are short trees or you are having a party in the room, lots of green and brown ribbon around the area will add color to the right. To continue the theme you can use a CD of animal sounds – make sure you get one of these exotic birds and animals and not the farmyard and you can continue to play this in the background to add to the ambiance.

It would be best played in the garden possible through a portable player suit and carefully placed out of sight and protected from the weather.

Whether the party is for adults or children, you can use large animal cut-outs to decorate either the room or garden. It can be cut out of cardboard, or flattened cardboard and if you are not sure of your artistic ability, painting them as a black silhouette matte.

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